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Retirement Planning in Uncertain Times

It is always a good time to take stock of your current financial situation and readiness to meet your retirement needs and other financial goals.

  • Are you on track for a comfortable retirement?
  • Is early retirement a possibility?
  • Can you afford to retire at all?
  • Do you have questions about the best time to take Social Security Benefits?
  • Are you confused by your health care choices?
  • Do you fully understand the implications of Required Minimum Distributions?
  • Is your investment portfolio in alignment with the risks you are willing to take to earn the returns that you will need?

It is difficult, but not impossible.

Financial Planning Matters LLC works with clients and their families to develop realistic financial goals and practical plans for achieving these goals. The firm is primarily focused on the needs of couples or individuals who are planning for retirement, already retired, or simply dealing with the normal or unexpected transitions in life.

The Changing Financial Landscape

  • The 2008-09 recession and slow recovery have left financial scars and questions about the future.
  • Responsibility for retirement planning has shifted to individuals due to the replacement of many private pension plans with 401k’s and IRA’s.
  • Historically low interest rates have reduced savings’ income. At the same time, increased market volatility has highlighted the importance of risk-appropriate investment strategies.

Secure Your Future

Let Financial Planning Matters LLC, a Fee-only financial advisory firm, help you with your financial planning questions – learn more about Who We Are and our Client Services.

The first step in the planning process is a no-cost Get Acquainted meeting. Please call Joe Goodman at 203-727-4289 or email to schedule your appointment.

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